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Can Science Tell Us Anything About God?

    ITEST is sponsoring a lecture by Father Robert Spitzer, SJ on Friday, May 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Cardinal Rigali Center. The lecture is open to the public. All are welcome!


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Creation Lens: Exploring the World, Discovering God
- Update

    ITEST completed the second phase of the project in 2012 and uploaded lessons for grades Pre-K and 5 – 8. Currently there are 397 lessons available online for free download. Since January 2009 there have been over 1/3 of a million downloads.

    Let us know how you used the downloaded lessons by clicking on the “Recommend” button on the site above.  We need input from teachers who are using these supplementary lessons/modules in the classroom and in home school venues.

    We invite you again to visit this site  www.creationlens.org and we welcome your comments. This site will open in a new window.


    Creation Lens: Exploring the World, Discovering God
    New Marketing Strategies: Visits to Catholic Elementary Schools

    Above left: Cyndi Hasten, Principal of Assumption Parish School and Sr. Marianne.
    Above right: Cheryl Harness and Gregg Sturgill, Principal of St. Francis of Assisi School

    Even in the “Digital Age” where Twitter, Facebook and texting seem to have the upper hand in spreading the message, we still hear that personal contact often trumps electronic or print media. Many times that is true. We decided to test this out with one of the marketing strategies we devised for Exploring the World, Discovering God (EWDG), our faith/science lessons,(Pre-K-Grade 8), concentrating on grades 5-8.

    Starting on the local level aided by a grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute, grantor of the entire project, Cheryl Harness, ITEST’s executive assistant and editor of EWDG Grades 5-8 lessons, and Sister Marianne, RSM, Associate Director hit the road! Armed with delicious pastry rings for each school from a local bakery, colorful bookmarks, brochures, a sample lesson from the program and a lot of enthusiasm, they “cold called” four to five selected Catholic Elementary schools one morning each week. After identifying ourselves we presented the pastry gift first and then asked to see the principal to briefly describe our faith/science lessons.

    Since late January we have visited over 30 schools and have been received graciously by principals and staff. Even though we have blanketed the schools with information about the project through e-mail and hard copy correspondence, nothing seems to have “awakened” interest in the program more than this particular strategy. Or, maybe it was the pastry rings!! In a short 10-15 minute period we were able to describe the program and how it could benefit the students and teachers in that elementary school.

    At the same time we offered to do a 45 minute presentation/workshop for the teachers and staff on the program itself, showing how it could be used most effectively in their school.

    ITEST 2012 Fall Conference Archive - click to open

    ITEST 2012 Fall Conference

    “An Open Forum on Early Human Life Issues: A Constructive Dialog

    Brochure Cover Art

    Here is what the St. Louis Review wrote about our recent conference:
    Click here


    ITEST 2011 Fall Workshop Archive - click to open


    ITEST 2011 Fall Workshop Archive


    Cyberspace Safety for Teens in an Age of Facebook, Twitter and Texting

    Below are the presenters from the Fall 2011 Workshop. They have been converted into Acrobat PDF files. You may download any individual presentation or a zip file (20.5mb) containing all the presentations

     The Presenters and Topics:

    Digitally Enhanced & Socially Detached:
    The Power and Influence of the Internet
    click to download - 232kb
    Travis Smith, PhD, LPC, Program Director, LifeStar of Eastern Missouri

    Addiction: Window into the Brain click to download - 10.6mb
    Franz J. Wippold, MD, Washington University School of Medicine

    The Mind of the Predator click to download - 2.3mb
    Bart Niedner, President, Resource Forge, LLC

    The Internet  = Cyber Safety and Security Overview click to download - 1.62mb
    Mike Schottenhaml, IT Manager, St. Vincent de Paul National Council

    Protecting our Kids on Cyberspace click to download - 6.72mb
    Detective Jim Karase, St. Louis County Police Department

    Click here to download zip file - 20.5mb of all 5 presentations



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